Our Mission

Our Order's mission is to serve humanity by assisting individuals in the development of illuminated consciousness through ​the preservation and promulgation of the lineage and teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (1888–1903), the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha Omega (1901–1939) and the Stella Matutina (1903–1972). 

                                                                                                 About the Order

  • We expect our members to actively participate in our system of Theurgy to the best of their abilities. We            require attendance on a monthly basis. Therefore, we are primarily a local Temple. However, anyone outside    of the region who is willing to travel to Rochester, MI on a monthly basis may also apply. 


  • While keeping intact the symbolism and praxis of the historical Golden Dawn rituals, our Order has also recognized that the consciousness of humanity evolves over time.  We have accordingly reformed the structure of the Outer Order curriculum to gradually introduce ritual magick that was once reserved for the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn, the Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis (R.R. et A.C.). In our outer Order, the elemental or microcosmic forces are invoked as part of the curriculum of the initiatory grade to which their symbolism corresponds. The invocation of the celestial or macrocosmic forces is still reserved for the Inner Order. To promote candidate readiness for these rituals, preparatory work is included so that the transition into operative magick is seamless.

  • Initiates are expected to uphold the sanctity of our oaths, and in particular to uphold the sacred principles of silence, with particular care being taken to maintain a semi-public profile where the existence of the Temple may be generally known, either locally or online, but where its activities, places of meeting, documentation and membership roll is kept completely confidential. The oaths of our Order do not contain any conditions which are contrary to civil, ethical or religious obligations.


  • Our Order stresses quality over quantity in the selection of its candidates. We maintain high standards in the teaching and training of our initiates, including requirements for progression to more advanced initiatory grades through the taking of written as well as practical examinations.

  • The administration of our Order is governed by a triumvirate of Chiefs which includes an Imperator (in charge of the regulations of the Order), Praemonstrator (in charge of the teaching of the Order) and Cancellarius (in charge of the communications of the Order). The role of the Chiefs is to ensure that the mission of the Order is maintained. It is neither the right nor the desire of Order leadership to govern or interfere with the personal lives of members.​ 

  • All members are obliged to take collective responsibility for the Order. This includes the payment of dues. However, we are not a for profit business and dues go only to operating costs. Yearly dues are currently $50 and initiation fees are $50 per initiation. Annual dues are not rendered until after one has been a member for a period of a year, after which time they become due at the Spring Equinox. In the case of Order members in extreme financial distress, we handle dues payment arrangements on a case-by-case basis.


  • Our Order preserves the Hermetic tradition and specifically the Golden Dawn system of Theurgy by refraining from the following: the commercialization and aggressive marketing of occult teachings, black magick, ego based competition with and/or disparaging of other occult Orders, self-initiation, serial initiation (i.e. the initiation of multiple candidates simultaneously), astral initiation, online initiation, "New Age" channeling, mixing the official Golden Dawn Temple work or curriculum with other esoteric traditions, or by making the Golden Dawn system the agent of any particular religious faith, political party or philosophy.  

  • Our Order is a meritocracy and advancement is based on competency in ceremonial magick. Therefore, admission and advancement in the Order are not based on personality, race, national origin, sex, gender, religion, political party, sexual preference, class or appearance.

  • Our Order acknowledges the existence of a Hermetic tradition which has been transmitted since antiquity to modernity through an ancient brotherhood known as the Third Order. The envoys of this brotherhood, assuming the roles of Secret Chiefs, authorize and transmit esoteric instruction to the Second Order, the R.R. et A.C.